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If you were among the masses to see Iron Man 2 at your local cineplex this weekend, chances are you were blown away by this latest trailer for Inception.  If you haven’t seen it yet, well stop reading my ramblings, and watch now!

Ok, are you back?  Can I just say that this film represents my most anticipated movie for the Summer of 2010?  Ok, well I’m not going to ask your permission, and I’m just going to flat out say it.  I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE.  The visuals in the trailer are mind-boggling enough to justify my anticipation, but let’s be honest, the reason for the full-on crazy anticipation is given away by the simple title cards that appear on screen during the trailer and read as follows…”From Christopher Nolan…the Director of The Dark Knight…”.  Need I say more?  I mean really.  Add in the fact that Christopher Nolan is also responsible for another modern-day classic, Memento, and any red-blooded movie-goer’s juices have to be flowing.  And if you need help getting psyched, just listen to the snippets of the musical score featured in the trailer…I mean how could you not be pumped up?

Here’s hoping that Inception features much less of a mopey Leo DiCaprio than we had in the very divisive Shutter Island  (I, for the record enjoyed Island, and believe that anyone who loves classic cinema will enjoy Marty Scorsese’s ode to genre films of the past, mopey Leo and all).  From viewing Inception's trailer, you certainly get the sense we will get Leo in action mode, although I'm sure the brief appearance of Marion Cotillard in the trailer hints at something that will resonate with full-on emotional impact.  (Are we looking at a possible Best Picture candidate for 2010 here? If the movie delivers upon the promise of its trailer, I have to believe Inception's chances are good - especially given the fact that the increase to ten Best Picture nominees at this past year's Academy Awards was basically a response to the fact that Nolan's Dark Knight got screwed out of a Best Picture nomination in 2008.  A nod for Inception won’t erase that oversight, but the Academy does have a tendency to want to make up for its past mistakes).

And if you wonder why i’m just guessing at what this film is about is because Inception represents one of the rare summer big budget extravaganzas that, at least to this point, remains under-hyped of all things.  How refreshing is that?  Credit Warner Brothers for keeping the film’s plot a well-guarded secret up until now, and for releasing trailers that tease and tantalize rather than talk down to the audience.  But let’s be honest as Inception's July release date approaches, the hype for this film will soon become deafening and the reason for that hype won't really be because of Leo, or the rest of the film's talented cast which includes Michael Caine, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and miss Cotillard among others.  I'll just repeat it one more time…

"From Christopher Nolan…the Director of The Dark Knight…”

Oh, and it will be released in IMAX too. 

Where do I line up?

Conan O’Brien is everywhere today (and deservedly so!).  I can’t wait for his return to late night TV this fall on TBS.  But just because Conan isn’t appearing nightly on our TV sets, doesn’t mean the “funny” has disappeared from late night TV. 

Click the link above for my latest piece on all about Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon.  It’s about time Jimmy gets some love for bringing some laughs back to late night broadcast television. Enjoy.

Big news in the world of tv today, specifically late night tv.  Conan is going to TBS (NOT FOX!) this November for an 11pm nightly talk show.  FOX was the early favorite to land Conan once NBC decided they liked Jay Leno better than Conan, but apparently FOX couldnt convince its affiliates to abandon the syndicated tv money train that Seinfeld & Simpsons reruns represent in favor of some original Conan comedy.

Click above for link to Variety’s coverage of today’s big news!  I look forward to Conan’s return to the airwaves this fall!

Any trailer that starts with “From the director of Step Brothers and Talladega Nights” has an instant pedigree in my book.  And the trailer doesnt even mention that the director also happened to write & direct a little movie called Anchorman

Yes, Will Ferrell is back with his writer/director soulmate Adam McKay to bring us this summer’s sure to be comic smash, The Other Guys.  The trailer delivers some genuine laughs, and knowing these guys they are saving plenty of laughs for the theatrical experience, and then of course the unrated DVD.  Enjoy!

<a href="" target="_new" title="Exclusive: 'MacGruber' Trailer (Mature Audiences)">Video: Exclusive: 'MacGruber' Trailer (Mature Audiences)</a>

If you like your comedies so stupid that they are smart, it looks like MacGruber will be here to somehow save the day this May.  This trailer is plain funny.

Can’t deny this trailer kicks ass.  I can’t even remember Tom Cruise’s last film?  Was it Valkyrie?  Looks like he has another box-office smash on his hands this summer.

That film title may be meaningless to you now, but come this summer, it will be one of the most talked about films and a sure box-office smash.  Get on the bandwagon early and check out this great trailer!  Oh and this film is written and directed by Edgar Wright who previously brought us Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  Need I say more. Click the link above and enjoy.

My review of Hot Tub Time Machine is now live on  Click the link above and get ready to get your 80’s on. 

A little bit of comedic genius from Zach Galifianakis and Ben Stiller…Enjoy.

Audiences that saw Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland 3D-Xtravaganza this past weekend (to the tune of a record breaking $116M!) have already seen this trailer for TR0N LEGACY.  Few aside from hardcore film-geeks remember the original TR0N (1982) starring Jeff Bridges and and Bruce Boxleitner, but both actors return for this sequel nearly 30 years later, along with a younger generation led by Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund.  Disney has the marketing machine working over-time to create awareness of this film a full 9 months before its release, and the film is slotted in the same opening weekend that gave us the debut of Avatar last year.

So all of that adds up to big-time expectations for a monster hit this Christmas, with the latest in state of the art 3D effects.  That said, here is a link to a 2D version of the trailer, which honestly can’t even begin to demonstrate the 3D coolness this film will offer, yet still kicks major a$$.   Click the link above and enjoy!